Northern Indigenous Employment (NIE) initiative aims and objectives:
  • To address the balance, increase employment opportunities for Indigenous job seekers, particularly youth, and improve the social and economic landscape across the Northern region of Melbourne.
  • To promote successful Indigenous Employment Strategies.
  • To hold an annual Business Recognition Awards Ceremony to acknowledge Northern Region businesses helping to reduce the gap in Indigenous employment.
  • To distribute an expression of interest form to businesses to encourage discussion about Aboriginal employment practices and strategies.
  • To raise the profile of businesses helping to reduce the gap in Indigenous Employment.
  • To develop an Indigenous Employment Strategy template for Northern region businesses to reference.
  • To provide a micro-level snap shot of the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous job seekers in the Northern region.
  • To develop and maintain a website to promote Indigenous employment resources and NIE activities.
  • To produce a publication to promote businesses committed to improving Indigenous employment, training and participation in their workplace.
  • To encourage partnerships between local business, community and government groups wanting to help reduce the gap in Indigenous employment.
  • To assist other local groups to adopt the strategy.

"The NIE Business Recognition Awards bring much deserved focus to the economic and community life of the northern region of Melbourne.

It is an opportunity to acknowledge the contribution business is making, not only to the economy of the region, but more importantly, to the people who make this place their home. 

For many, it is the start of a working life where they can enjoy the benefits of our prosperous nation.  For others, it is the chance to re-enter the workforce and again feel the dignity of work and its rewards.     

 It is also an opportunity to acknowledge the commitment of individuals to improve life for themselves, their family and their community.  For many, this involves the complex juggling of parenting, work and study, often with no or little assistance.  It therefore makes their achievement all the more remarkable and should be noted as such.

Mostly though, the Awards are an opportunity to appreciate the sense of obligation to ourselves and to others that is demonstrated by a great many individuals, businesses, educators and trainers, all without whom our city would be the poorer.  It is this manner of contribution which forms the bedrock of a confident, fairer and better society for us and future generations".

Ian Hamm | Director | Indigenous Economic Development
Department of Business and Innovation